Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Final Story Line Plot 2

I have decided to change my story line plot since the first story line plot was too complicated to draw.

The comic book starts of with a planet from a far away galaxy, the planet is dying and explodes. everyone and all the civilisation dies out in a massive explosion, but only one man survives. Super Singh survives, Singh knew that the hit-men were planning to destroy planet Earth so he made it his duty to protect Earth.

Singh has lived on Earth for thirty years protecting the Earth from evil. Singh has disguised him self as a plumber. Singh lives on friendly street in his four bedroom house, Singh is a dedicated Sikh and goes to the Gurdwara every Sunday.

It was a Sunday so Singh went too the Gurdwara, he went there with his flash new car. Once Singh arrived he heard a noise, he heard the noise of man man being beaten up. Sing saw the man getting kicked in the head, so he did the only thing he could, and changed into Super Singh. Once he changed into Super Singh he helped the guy getting attacked and had gave the attacker to the police.

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