Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Front Cover Of "Super Singh"

This is my front cover for mhy comic book. I have improved it from my last atempt as a front cover. I have made it a little bit more complex with a few minor differences from my last front cover. I have improved the drawings of the characters on the cover, i have added a better font type and finaly i have added a background which constist of stars, moon and a shooting star.

Introduction Of "Super Singh"

This is my Introduction to Super Singh it will be my second page in the comic book. I have tried to make it fun and funky so it would appeal to my target audience ( six to eleven year old's).

Page One of "Super Singh"

This the first page, the first page is all about why Super Singh came to Earth. The first box shows a planet far far away, the second box shows the planet exploding into a million little pieces, the third box shows the only man to survive and the last box shows Super Singh saying he will protect Earth.

Page Two of "Super Singh"

This is my Second page, the first box shows that Super Singh has been living here for twenty years and has disguised his real identity as a well known plumber, the second box shows Singh house and were he lives, the third box is were Super Singh is thinking of going to the Gurdwara for his weekly Sunday prays, the fourth box shows Singh excited to go to the Gurdwara.

Page Three of "Super Singh"

This is my third page. This has the smallest number of box's out of all the pages. The first box show Singh just entering the Gurdwara before he hears a person attacking another person with a weapon. The second box shows the attacker and Super Singh facial expressions. The attackers facial expressions being smug while Singh facial expressions worried for the man being attacked.

Page Fourth of "Super Singh"

This is my last page, the first block shows Super Singh punching the attacker with his fists, the second box has a big pow to show the reader that Super Singh punched the man in fiery, the third box shows Super Singh flying up in the Earths atmosphere, the fourth box shows him in space being the protecter if Earth and finaly the last box is the end.

Final Story Line Plot 2

I have decided to change my story line plot since the first story line plot was too complicated to draw.

The comic book starts of with a planet from a far away galaxy, the planet is dying and explodes. everyone and all the civilisation dies out in a massive explosion, but only one man survives. Super Singh survives, Singh knew that the hit-men were planning to destroy planet Earth so he made it his duty to protect Earth.

Singh has lived on Earth for thirty years protecting the Earth from evil. Singh has disguised him self as a plumber. Singh lives on friendly street in his four bedroom house, Singh is a dedicated Sikh and goes to the Gurdwara every Sunday.

It was a Sunday so Singh went too the Gurdwara, he went there with his flash new car. Once Singh arrived he heard a noise, he heard the noise of man man being beaten up. Sing saw the man getting kicked in the head, so he did the only thing he could, and changed into Super Singh. Once he changed into Super Singh he helped the guy getting attacked and had gave the attacker to the police.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Target Audience

My super Singh Adventures comic book will be targeted towards the younger generation, about six to eleven year old's. I will make the comic very simple, i have done some research on kids comic books and most of then are very simple, colourful and fun. I am going to make my comic book very fun, simple and colourful. I have also talked to kids about what they prefer in a comic book, most of then preferred their comic book very simple and extremely colourful. The kids also said that they like a comic book they can afford since they us buy there own comic book with their pocket money. So overall I will make my comic book simple and colourful like the six to eleven year old's want.